The Advantages of Selling at Auction

More than half of the total U.S. population has attended a live auction. 

Auctions are the most unique and valuable way of selling almost any type of property. Some of the most popular auctions are those that involve household items, automobiles, and antiques. But auctions involve so many more possessions: office equipment, art, machinery, industrial equipment, and firearms. One very rapidly growing area is real estate. More and more people are buying and selling their homes and land by the auction method.

Auctions are one of the oldest forms of selling property; their history spans centuries. And time has only increased their popularity. 

The Value of Selling at Auction

Speedy Process, Quick Turnaround.

An auction is immediate. It happens during a set time and is completed during that time. It's quick and efficient.

You Set the Time and Place of Your Sale.

It's as simple as that. You work with the auction firm to schedule what works best for you.

You Know Exactly When Your Property or Goods Will Be Sold. 

There's no wondering whether or not your property will sell. It WILL sell and it will sell during the set auction time.

Comprehensive Marketing of Your Property. 

Part of conducting an auction is marketing it to the general public to get as many people there as possible. Linkous Auctioneers has comprehensive mailing lists we use to market your sale. We have a great website and run advertisements, distribute fliers and more. We are marketing specialists. A good marketing effort can easily bring 300 to 400 people to your auction, or more!

Buyers Come Prepared to Buy. 

Auction goers come with money in their wallets, pockets and hands and are prepared to come home with property. It's a seller's delight. For real estate auctions this is especially advantageous because buyers must qualify to buy through a deposit of a certified or cashier's check.

No Negotiations. 

There is no haggling over price or merchandise. The auction method is quick and efficient. When people bid, they make a commitment to buy the property at that price without discussion or debate.

No Leftovers and Little Clean Up. 

Every item at an auction goes up for bid and every item is sold. How many of you have ever had a garage sale and when you're finished, you spend hours packing up what didn't sell and looking for places to store it? With an auction, there's no worry about what to do with leftover items because there aren't any. This means very little clean up, also.

Competitive Bidding. 

Auctions motivate buyers to perform. People get caught up in the competitiveness of the bidding and many times this drives the price of items higher. To some it's like a game, and they want to win at all costs (or hopefully for you, at high costs!) And did you know that 9 times out of 10, an auction brings in the fair market value, if not more, for any item put across the auction block?

Auctions Work Well in Both Good and Bad Economic Times.

People love auctions, because they love sales. Statistics show, in a good or bad economy auctions remain a steady force. When the economy is bad, the auction industry does not feel the impact: people still flock to auctions.

Auction VS Traditional Sale of Real Estate

• Your property will be sold in 30 days or less
• Property sold without contingencies
• We are marketing your property exclusively
• No limit on how much your property will sell for
• Eliminates asking price for the property
• All terms and conditions of sale are set in advance

• May remain on the market for months or even years
• Contingencies are common
• Multiple Listing Service
• Limited by asking price
• Seller risks under or overpricing
• Seller must negotiate all aspects of sale

What Our Clients Say

We want to thank you for the great job conducting our sale. It was professionally conducted but still had the touch of courtesy and consideration for us. We have the highest respect for you and your staff.

Russell & Glada, Radford, VA